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We’re Joining Deel!

At Legalpad, I often say “Every visa counts”[1], and our merger with Deel today proves that statement’s truth. 

About three years ago, we got a call from a founder of a startup called “Deel”. The founder needed a visa, and—as a startup ourselves—we were more than happy to support the founder with their visa. In supporting that visa application, we learned about Deel and how their platform lets employers easily hire and pay people across borders.

Aligned missions aside, Legalpad soon needed Deel’s help when we hired our first contractor outside the United States. We used Deel to add more contractors across borders while at the same time supporting Deel’s additional visa needs.

Fast forward to 2022, when Deel’s enormous growth[2] and Legalpad’s steady success got us asking the exciting question: What if Deel and Legalpad united our aligned missions to connect talent across borders and to create a world where ability alone determines opportunity?

Our alignment from both the philosophical and business perspective became very clear, and joining Deel was one of the easiest decisions I’ve had to make as a founder.

Legalpad is very excited about what feels like a very natural step in our journey as a company, and we’re looking forward to continuing to do good in the world. We’re very proud of the incredible work we’ve done to support thousands of people’s dreams with United States work visas, and we’re delighted to continue that work. We’re also eager to expand our reach globally in the areas of immigration, corporate, employment, and tax compliance[3] for businesses blossoming across borders by embracing the international talent pool.

We’ve got way more people to thank than would fit in this post, but suffice it to say for now a massive thank you to our customers, our current teammates, our previous teammates, our families, our friends, our board, our investors, our advisors, our mentors, our teachers, our colleagues, our pets, our universe, and of course our new and incredibly welcoming teammates at Deel.

As we move forward on this exciting path, we will remain committed to our Vision (“A world where ability—not birthplace—determines opportunity”) and a our Mission (“Soon, visas will be easy: We automate a manual, confusing process into a modern, intuitive experience that connects global talent with opportunity”), while at the same time staying true to our Guiding Principles: Create Joy, Commit Persistently, Lead as a Servant, Act Courageously, Shine Brilliantly, Build Better People, Focus Ingeniously, Achieve Profitability, Swarm to Problems, and Let Humans Be Humans[4].

Please join us in our celebration of this incredible achievement and keep in touch as we continue our important work at Deel.

To learn more about the acquisition, head over to Deel's blog.

For general questions, you can reach us at


[1] My late uncle, Kurt Schweitzer, was a great onion broker who often repeated the mantra, “every onion counts”.
[2] Deel has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from the top venture capitalists in the world, including Andreessen Horowitz.
[3] Expanding outside of US immigration has always been the plan, and Deel’s global reach and complex customer needs make this a core part of our path ahead.
[4] Learn more at

About the author:

Todd Heine

CEO, Legalpad