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The EB-1C Green Card

A path to permanent residency through employment

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What is the EB-1C?

The EB-1C enables managers and executives at foreign companies to transfer to a U.S. office and qualify for a green card.

Skip the PERM process

Save months of time by skipping the PERM, a lengthy process of testing the labor market for qualified U.S. workers typically required for other employment-based green cards.

Transfer from a foreign office

If you have held a managerial position for more than one year, you can transfer to the U.S. and work for the same company.

Path to green card

An EB-1C approval puts you on the path to apply for a green card. Your spouse and your children are eligible for a green card with your EB-1C approval too!

Qualifying for the EB-1C

If you have worked in a "managerial" or "executive" capacity at a foreign company for a least one year within the past three years, the EB-1C could be the perfect green card path for you.

A VP of Finance would be considered an "executive" because they are responsible for the oversight of the company budgets.

A Director of Operations who manages fifteen employees would be considered a manager.

A functional manager who does not manage people, but does manage essential company functions such as research can also qualify for the EB-1C as a manager.

Is the EB-1C right for you?

Learn more about the EB-1C qualifications, benefits, and the key differences between the EB-1C and other options to transfer from an office abroad.

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Working with Legalpad

We simplify the EB-1C process so you know exactly what to expect on your journey to permanent residency.

Step 1


We hop on a call to make sure the EB-1C is the best option for you.

Step 2


We hop on a short call to get details about you and your company.

Step 3


Review evidence for the EB-1C immigrant petition with your immigration team.

Step 4


We share all letters with you and others to sign.

Step 5


We collect all signatures for the final version of the EB-1C petition.

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