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Visas We Support

Temporary Work Visas

For those who plan to live and work in the U.S. temporarily


Founders, entrepreneurs, researchers and people at the top of their field.


For people with at least a Bachelor's degree related to a specialty position.


Transferring to a U.S. office from an office abroad, within the same company.


For Canadian and Mexican citizens in certain occupations.


Business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs looking to start or expand in the U.S.


Attend meetings, conferences, and accelerators.

Permanent Residency

For those who plan to relocate to the U.S. permanently


Executives, entrepreneurs, researchers and community leaders.


Professionals with a Master’s degree or higher or have exceptional ability.


Researchers, startup founders, engineers and consultants.


Transfer executives and managers to a U.S. office.

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Why Legalpad?

Paperwork shouldn’t stand in the way of innovation. We put immigration experts and smart technology together, so you can focus on growing your team and business. Leave the paperwork and legalese to us.

Personalized guidance & support

You will have a dedicated immigration attorney who will map out a case plan based on your goals and credentials, review your entire application and answer questions.

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Fast Service

We research, build, submit, and get approved visas in a fraction of the time while working around your timelines.

Know the status of your case

Know the status of your case and what paperwork is completed or missing within the Legalpad dashboard.

Proven track record

There are many uncertainties when building a startup, but your visa doesn’t have to be one of them. We’ve helped hundreds of founders successfully obtain the work visas they need to accelerate growth in the U.S.

Legalpad’s Partners

Immigration is a huge pain for founders interested in living and working in the U.S. either temporarily or permanently. We partner with accelerator programs to provide the scarce immigration resources international founders need to tap into the U.S. market and drive growth.

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Success Stories

At Legalpad, we live for two words: “You’re approved.” Every time one of our customers receives an approval notice, it is another opportunity to celebrate the hard work, sacrifice and dedication we see day in and day out from our customers.

Why founders love Legalpad

Anne Shinex
"I have finally found a mega visa lawyer in Legalpad. Legalpad got me an O-1 visa in weeks and I'm now submitting my green card. I had wasted a fortune with bad lawyers before I found them." Anne McNamara
Arun Seelam
"Before I went to Legalpad, I went to several attorneys. I wasn't happy or confident with anyone I talked to. When I talked to Logan, I knew Legalpad was the company I wanted to work with. They were dedicated throughout the whole process and the entire team gave me confidence that made the experience less stressful. They took a challenging situation and made it easy." Arun Seelam
Boson Motors
Basia Kubicka
"Legalpad is the only firm that convinced me I met the O-1 visa criteria. They nailed the whole process and made the impossible possible. Legalpad changed my life by allowing me to build a company and my life in the U.S. No words can express how extremely grateful I am." Basia Kubicka
Chris Pitchford
"Legalpad is the only immigration service that 'gets it.' I've personally had two visa petitions approved with Legalpad which have allowed me to create tremendous value in the US. I simply wouldn't trust anyone else to handle my file." Chris Pitchford
Krista Ahlgrim
"As a small operations team, I needed a partner I could trust to take the time to get to know us as a company and our employees as individuals so we could feel good about every visa application submitted. Legalpad showed up in this way for us, and has had 100% success so far." Krista Ahlgrim
Edward Wong
"Thank you Legalpad for helping me and my cofounder, Silvia, through the complex immigration process during the pandemic and border restrictions! We live in a world full of freedom and endless opportunities, the only constraints are the ones we put on ourselves. And choice is the most powerful tool we have. Choosing Legalpad is the best decision ever! We got our O-1 visas and I will be starting my green card process soon. I’d totally recommend Legalpad to any entrepreneurs who want to build a company and life in the US." Edward Wong
Grit Holdings
Simeon Ononobi
"The Legalpad team are not human, they are some supernaturally gifted folks. They handle things with clarity, take you by the hand, and they're super responsive. With the type of service they give, I won’t even try to entertain another service provider when it comes to any visa petition or application. They made my petition look like a walk in the park. Legalpad absolutely rocks. I’m a big fan and will continue to tell anyone about them." Simeon Ononobi
Jason Wu
"The Legalpad team always responds quickly. I could get ahold of the team ASAP whenever I had any issues to discuss with them. Also, the team members are very kind while working on your case. I can tell that they put themselves in your shoes to prepare the best petition." Jason Wu
Sofia Quintero
Finding out that my O-1 extension was approved was amazing news! Josh was very helpful throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Legalpad's wonderful team. Sofia Quintero

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