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| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"The team helped me navigate through multiple challenges unique to 2020 and this resulted in successfully attaining an O1 Visa. Having been through the US Visa process 9 times, I can say from experience,  Legalpad’s knowledge, quality of service, and attention to client’s needs ranks well above other competing services. I’d recommend Legalpad to anyone looking to explore their legal US status." Jacqueline Bennett
Highlands Venture Partners
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"The Legalpad team are not human, they are some supernaturally gifted folks. They handle things with clarity, take you by the hand, and they're super responsive. With the type of service they give, I won’t even try to entertain another service provider when it comes to any visa petition or application. They made my petition look like a walk in the park. Legalpad absolutely rocks. I’m a big fan and will continue to tell anyone about them." Simeon Ononobi
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration ServicesLegalpad made me believe that it wasn’t a matter of if I would get an approval, but a matter of when. I felt taken care of from the first time I met with the team to receiving my approval notice. The O-1 approval completely changed my life. Working with Legalpad has allowed me to be able to do what I love and not have to worry about anything and that’s why I won’t ever forget this. Sid Pandiya
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Our experience working with Legalpad lived up to the hype. They were relentless and confident every step of the way, and for someone who didn't feel particularly 'extraordinary' for an O-1, they made us feel that it's actually possible." Jijo Sunny
Buy Me a Coffee
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Legalpad is the only firm that convinced me I met the O-1 visa criteria. They nailed the whole process and made the impossible possible. Legalpad changed my life by allowing me to build a company and my life in the U.S. No words can express how extremely grateful I am." Basia Kubicka
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"As a small operations team, I needed a partner I could trust to take the time to get to know us as a company and our employees as individuals so we could feel good about every visa application submitted. Legalpad showed up in this way for us, and has had 100% success so far." Krista Ahlgrim
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"I'm beyond grateful to the Legalpad team. I think you have a great offering. I actually plan on bringing some aspects from Legalpad’s onboarding and attention to detail to Orai’s products. Other lawyers struggled with all the startup factors and I believe you guys really excelled in that area." Paritosh Gupta
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Before I went to Legalpad, I went to several attorneys. I wasn't happy or confident with anyone I talked to. When I talked to Logan, I knew Legalpad was the company I wanted to work with. They were dedicated throughout the whole process and the entire team gave me confidence that made the experience less stressful. They took a challenging situation and made it easy." Arun Seelam
Boson Motors
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Legalpad helped me navigate the toughest immigration atmosphere during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their amazing team kept me up to date with the latest immigration developments while working to file my application. Without their help to obtain my visa, my company and I would not have been able to effectively come out ahead." Cal Wilkes
HotSpot CookTop
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"The Legalpad team always responds quickly. I could get ahold of the team ASAP whenever I had any issues to discuss with them. Also, the team members are very kind while working on your case. I can tell that they put themselves in your shoes to prepare the best petition." Jason Wu
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration ServicesI’m thankful for Legalpad’s persistence and dedication in making my O-1 dreams a reality. The team was efficient and pleasurable to work with throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for a positive outcome, Legalpad is the way to go! Bhavya Gohil
Square Off
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration ServicesThe entire process was seamless! Everyone at Legalpad has always been extremely helpful, polite and proactive. It really surprised me how well they understand that ourselves (visa candidate and sponsoring company) are not fully aware of the details for composing the required documents and information, and that we are always busy - so Legalpad team has been holding an invaluable amount of support and guidance for getting the blocking things done while taking up definitely the least amount of time possible from us. The quality of the letters and the arguments created for the case are impressively great! Anycart

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