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Extraordinary Ability Visas and Green Cards

O-1 and EB-1

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Focus on fundraising, growing and hiring— not your visa application

We’ve made it so simple to get started on an O-1 or EB-1 visa application that you’re done with your part in an hour. You’ll get updates from us while we prepare your application, and you don’t have to sweat the details or hire an immigration attorney. We take care of all of that!

5-Step Process

Step 1


We hop on a call to make sure you qualify for an O-1

Step 2


We hop on a call to get details about you and your company

Step 3


We review the evidence together on a screen share

Step 4


We share all letters for you or others to sign

Step 5


Have your cofounder sign a final version of your application

Customer Stories

| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"If you are reading this and you are a skeptical immigrant founder in need of a visa, look no further. You have found the answer. I was a young college drop out with no hopes of staying in the US, then Legalpad literally reached out to ME and got me an O-1 visa in a few months. They are life-savers in more ways than one. Their efficiency is astounding and their ability to navigate bureaucratic processes with ease and confidence is remarkable. Ryan and the team made me believe that this was possible, and then made it happen. The long life I plan to build here in America will be thanks to their hard work." David Lin
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"The Legalpad team are not human, they are some supernaturally gifted folks. They handle things with clarity, take you by the hand, and they're super responsive. With the type of service they give, I won’t even try to entertain another service provider when it comes to any visa petition or application. They made my petition look like a walk in the park. Legalpad absolutely rocks. I’m a big fan and will continue to tell anyone about them." Simeon Ononobi
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"The team helped me navigate through multiple challenges unique to 2020 and this resulted in successfully attaining an O1 Visa. Having been through the US Visa process 9 times, I can say from experience, Legalpad’s knowledge, quality of service and attention to client’s needs ranks well above other competing services. I’d recommend Legalpad to anyone looking to explore their legal US status." Jacqueline Bennett
Highlands Venture Partners
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Legalpad is the only immigration service that 'gets it.' I've personally had two visa petitions approved with Legalpad which have allowed me to create tremendous value in the US. I simply wouldn't trust anyone else to handle my file." Chris Pitchford
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Legalpad is the only firm that convinced me I met the O-1 visa criteria. They nailed the whole process and made the impossible possible. Legalpad changed my life by allowing me to build a company and my life in the U.S. No words can express how extremely grateful I am." Basia Kubicka
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Our experience working with Legalpad lived up to the hype. They were relentless and confident every step of the way, and for someone who didn't feel particularly 'extraordinary' for an O-1, they made us feel that it's actually possible." Jijo Sunny
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| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"The amount of confidence that the team showed in me and my application was incredible even when it felt like all hopes were lost. It's not about the job for Legalpad--it's about helping people out. It is so refreshing to actually talk to a person who says 'let's figure this out together'.” Sujay Suresh Kumar
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Thank you Legalpad for helping me and my cofounder, Silvia, through the complex immigration process during the pandemic and border restrictions! We live in a world full of freedom and endless opportunities, the only constraints are the ones we put on ourselves. And choice is the most powerful tool we have. Choosing Legalpad is the best decision ever! We got our O-1 visas and I will be starting my green card process soon. I’d totally recommend Legalpad to any entrepreneurs who want to build a company and life in the US." Edward Wong
Grit Holdings
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Applying for the O-1 visa seemed like a stretch for me and my co-founder at first. We were unsure about the process or if the O-1 was the right fit. Legalpad's approach was persistent, tactful and transparent. The team took the time to understand my case and tailored it based on what they learned from my co-founder's application. It really paid off. I received an approval after the first submission." Miguel Fernandez

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