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A path for permanent residence for international talent

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What is the EB-2 PERM?

The EB-2 PERM allows U.S. employers to sponsor employee green cards. Employers can attract top talent by offering a path to a green card.

Employee Loyalty

Offering green card benefits incentivizes employee performance and helps your company stand out against competitors.

Employee Retention

Invest in your employees and eliminate the need to renew visa applications.

Employee Engagement

The long-term benefits of a green card offers employees peace of mind so they can focus on work instead
of immigration.


Qualifying for the EB-2 PERM

There are two paths to qualifying for the EB-2 PERM

Advanced Degree

  • A Master's degree or higher (PhD) OR the forgein equivalent 
  • A Bachelor's degree OR the forigen equivalent, PLUS five years of post-Bachelor progressive work experienc

exceptional ability icon

Exceptional Ability

Three of the following six criteria

  • A related degree, diploma, or certificate from a university
  • 10 years of related full-time experience
  • A license of certification to practice relevant profession
  • Salary that is above the 70th percentile
  • Membership in a professional association
  • Recognition by peers, government entities, and professional organizations

Another option: skip the PERM process with the National Importance Waiver

Your employee may qualify to skip the PERM process if their work has national importance

Learn about the EB-2 NIW

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