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Meet Our Attorneys

Legalpad is not an immigration law firm, and we like it that way. While our approach is slightly different, our team is still composed of staff attorneys who prepare filings with the USCIS to give our clients the best experience. That work is cross-checked by independent attorneys to ensure exceptional service. You’re in expert hands.

Nhu-Y Le – Corporate Counsel

Alma Mater: Boston College (JD)

Experience: Nhu-Y has extensive experience providing robust legal guidance on U.S. immigration laws, allowing employers to attract and retain top foreign talent. She also has experience advising, reviewing, and filing a high-volume business immigration caseload, including: O-1s, EB-1s, EB-2 National Interest Waiver, H-1Bs, L-1As/L-1Bs, TNs, E-3s, PERM filings with the Department of Labor, I-140 immigrant petitions, as well as Adjustment of Status applications.

Why Legalpad: "As an immigrant myself, I am passionate about immigration law. I left an in-house attorney position at a Fortune 100 company to join Legalpad as Corporate Counsel, because I firmly believe in Legalpad’s goal of using technology to simplify the immigration process and help more people pursue employment across borders."

Kim McGurn – Staff Attorney

Alma Mater: University of San Diego (JD)

Experience: Kim's previous experience is in business, employment, general liability, and property law. She has clerked in both private practice, at small and mid-size firms, as well as in government, including the California Attorney General, United States Postal Service, City of Chula Vista, and the Legal Aid Society of San Diego.

Why Legalpad: "Prior to attending law school, I worked for a fintech startup and caught the startup bug. Wearing various different hats and being able to synergize business and law at Legalpad is my dream come true. Law is a traditionally slow-moving industry and tends to hold a very apprehensive attitude toward technological innovation. It’s a joy to work alongside brilliant, courageous team members who are aiming to streamline and demystify the immigration process. Being part of our clients’ journeys and assisting them in bringing their incredible ideas to the US, so that they can continue to build upon their prior successes, is beyond exciting and rewarding!"

Ryan Wiles – Staff Attorney

Alma Mater: Western Michigan University (JD)

Experience: Ryan has five years experience in Civil Litigation (including Corporate/In-House), Immigration, Criminal Defense & Administrative Law 

Why Legalpad: "In addition to being a relentless legal advocate, I'm a geek at heart who is passionate about technology and the startup ecosystem. I love working with incredible people who are doing outstanding and innovative work--which applies to our team just as much as the extraordinary people we assist at Legalpad!"

Indu Malhi – Staff Attorney

Alma Mater: University of Oregon (JD)

Experience: Indu worked as a family law attorney prior to joining Legalpad. She has also completed an Intellectual Property concentration through the University of Oregon.

Why Legalpad: "I am passionate about helping people. At Legalpad, I am able to help immigrant founders build their companies and create prosperous futures for themselves and their families. I am fortunate to work with such talented individuals and it's incredibly rewarding to play a part in their journey."

Ashley Walker – Staff Attorney

Alma Mater: Gonzaga University (JD)

Experience: Ashley previously worked at Kaiser Permanente in labor relations as a mediator/third party neutral. She also clerked at Etter, McMahon, Lamberson, Van Wert & Oreskovich, P.C. and at Gonzaga University Legal Assistance Business Law Clinic.

Why Legalpad: "I promised myself I would never again take a job that didn't excite me. My dream has always been to use my law degree to help those who have an amazing idea turn that idea into a reality. With Legalpad, I get the best of both worlds - every day I get to help my clients live out their American Dream, and I get to be a part of a groundbreaking company."

Asif Saleem – Staff Attorney

Alma Mater: Gonzaga University (JD)

Experience: Asif's background ranges from anti-counterfeit and trademark enforcement, where he worked for Trademark Management LLC in part with the Coalition to Advance the Protection of Sports Logos (CAPS), to work as a research assistant for the International Cannabis Bar Association. At Legalpad, Asif focuses on individuals with extraordinary ability in niche fields (e.g. artificial intelligence, investment banking, and the performing arts).

Why Legalpad: "Legalpad comprises of like-minded individuals who deeply value in preserving the American Dream, turning the American Dream into a reality for each and every client through unapologetically disrupting the status quo and executing at the highest level."

Katya Stelmakh – Ind. Network Attorney

Alma Mater: Ohio State University (JD, MA)

Experience: Katya practiced law in Philadelphia on an H-1B visa for an international law firm, where she helped manage business immigration for applicants throughout Eastern Europe. She has spent the last 14 years representing foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and professional workers, including O visas and EB-2 NIW. Katya also operates her own practice, Stelmakh & Associates, LLC.

Why Legalpad: "The most amazing aspect of my job is when someone calls me from abroad to tell me they want to bring their talent or business to the United States or build a new US startup from scratch. The US immigration process is complicated and difficult to navigate, but it’s possible. You just have to be determined. This is a country of opportunity. I love helping people get here and pursue their dreams."

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