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The Legalpad Approach


Legalpad is a startup helping founders, companies, and their employees get work visas and green cards. We’re not a law firm.

No offense to the law firms out there, but you’ll like us more.

As a startup, we combine technology and smart people to automate the paperwork and get you a visa as fast as possible.

We work fast, give you straight answers, and do all the heavy lifting. And you'll always know exactly where you are in your petition process, and what's coming next.

So, how do we work?

Getting visas and green cards is almost entirely paperwork: filling in forms correctly, writing letters, getting signatures, and putting things in the mail. The rest of the process is decision-making about how to answer questions.

We’re REALLY good at building 600-page documents and sending them to the government, but we can’t give you legal advice. Sometimes, you may need legal questions answered.

We provide our customers with independent attorneys--we call them network attorneys--to cover everything that Legalpad can’t do. These independent attorneys are experienced immigration lawyers that serve you. We pay them to keep your best interests in mind, answer all your questions, and make sure we’re building top-notch visa petitions.

Any tricky questions that you might have can be handled  by the independent attorneys, and your communication with them is completely covered by attorney-client privilege. Whether you’re getting married, have an expired passport, or have overstayed a visa, we’ve got you covered.

Tell me more about these independent attorneys...

Legalpad has arranged for qualified independent attorneys to provide legal guidance and perform legal review of immigration petitions. You will have an attorney-client relationship with independent attorneys. They have  independent legal judgment, without influence or control by Legalpad. Legalpad does not influence, or attempt to affect, the rendering of legal services by independent attorneys. Legalpad is not responsible for independent attorneys’ legal advice. Check out our Meet Our Attorneys to learn more about our on-hand experts.

Is my data safe? What's your privacy policy?

We take every effort to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your information. Check out our Confidentiality and Privacy policy.