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The Legalpad Approach

Legalpad is your one-stop immigration solution.

We started as a startup for startups and became the industry leader for startup founder visas. Now we help entire teams move across borders by bringing together smart technology and a robust immigration team with experience in every U.S. visa type. Most recently, we joined Deel to bring global hiring and HR into one platform. 

Legalpad is the trusted immigration service provider for hundreds of international companies, but it's important to understand we're not a law firm. Instead, we started Legalpad for employers and immigrants who want a better immigration experience. 

So, what is it like working with us?

We only offer full-service immigration because our goal is to make it easy for talent to move across borders. Our team handles all the heavy lifting, from guiding custom reference letters to filling out tedious forms. Pricing is transparent, and all the essentials are covered in the base price for each visa. Get an RFE in your case? Don't worry; we've got it covered. Need to consult with an attorney? No problem. 

Who will be handling my visa? 

Since we're not a law firm, we don't legally represent our clients. We bring in Independent Attorneys as contractors. Our Independent Attorneys work exclusively for our clients, but they aren't on our payroll for legal reasons. 

This means you get to work with an Independent Attorney who keeps your best interest in mind while also taking advantage of our technology-driven immigration processes. 

Your Independent Attorney will be on your side to answer legal questions, provide guidance, and review and sign your final petition. Every conversation with your Independent Attorney is protected under attorney-client privilege.

You'll also get to work with an Immigration Specialist or Associate Attorney who partners with your Independent Attorney to support your journey. They will work directly with you to gather documents, get signatures, and prepare a high-quality visa petition in record time. All of our Immigration Specialists and Associate Attorneys have several years of experience working on complex immigration cases. 

With your qualified Independent Attorney and team of other immigration experts by your side, you'll be in good hands. 

We put customers first

Everyone on our immigration team deeply cares about our clients’ immigration journeys. We know that immigration is very personal. We also know it can be incredibly stressful, challenging, and confusing. But we want to change that. That's why Legalpad exists. 

Tell me more about your independent attorneys

We have an incredible team of qualified Independent Attorneys who work together to make data-driven decisions. When offering legal advice and preparing your case, these Independent Attorneys draw on years of immigration experience and thousands of approved cases. Check out our Meet Our Attorneys to learn more about our on-hand experts. 

Is my data safe? What's your privacy policy?

We take every effort to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your information. Check out our Confidentiality and Privacy policy.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Tonye Membere-Otaji"Hearing that my O-1 was approved was music to my ears! The Legalpad team is incredible. I'm especially thankful to Kelsie and Farhana for making this happen!" Tonye Membere-Otaji
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"The entire process was possibly the most expedited admin work I've gone through, and it can all be attributed to the Legalpad team I was set up with. I have never heard of a 3 business day turnaround for petition acceptance, and I know multiple people who have gone through similar processes. From engagement to acceptance, I estimate it took a little under 3 months, which is amazing." Viren Mohindra
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services“My experience with Legalpad was nothing short of amazing and was efficiently executed, the team helped me navigate the H-1B process with great knowledge of the process and responded quickly to my questions with the right guidance. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for legal services in the US. I am beyond grateful because they have a team of exceptional people working there and understand their clients needs very well. Keep doing what you guys are doing!!” Haider Piracha