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The TN Visa

A temporary work visa for citizens from Mexico and Canada

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What is the TN Visa?

Canadian and Mexican nationals working in certain fields can apply for this 3-year visa if their post-secondary education matches their job offer. Professions include accountants, scientists, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and more.

Unlimited Renewals

Unlike the H-1B, an employee can maintain TN status indefinitely. The initial period of stay is three years with the option to renew the TN work visa in three-year increments.

Simple Application

Canadian nationals can apply directly at the U.S.-Canada border with a passport, application, and documentation. Mexican nationals can apply for a TN work visa by mailing an application to USCIS.

 No Annual Limits

Unlike the H-1B, there is no limit on the number of TN visas granted annually.

Who Qualifies for the TN Visa?

A wide range of specific roles qualify for the TN visa as long as the employee also has a degree in a related field.

TN Occupation List

Working with Legalpad

We simplify the TN work visa process so you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

Step 1


We hop on a short call to make sure you or your employee qualifies for the TN work visa.

Step 2


We hop on a short call to get details about your company.

Step 3


Review evidence for the TN petition with your immigration team.

Step 4


We share all letters with you and others sign.

Step 5


Have your employer sign the final version of the TN application.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how I would create a visa application by myself. Thankfully, Legalpad drafted a detailed TN visa application for me and made an otherwise daunting immigration super straightforward. They were quick to answer all my questions which further inspired confidence and trust in our relationship. Moving countries was a strenuous procedure but because of Legalpad, a large portion was already simplified for me.”

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