The O-1A, or the ‘Extraordinary Ability’ visa is a fancy way to say you have received major recognition in your field. There are eight criteria to demonstrate extraordinary ability, which we’ll cover in this post!

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B-1 FAQs

The B-1 is ideal for startup founders because it gives you enough flexibility and time to explore your options without the risk of having to leave at a critical time of company growth. 

O-1A FAQsVisa Waiver Program FAQsH-1B FAQs for Startups

H-1B FAQs for Startups

You’re an insanely busy startup founder, not a work visa master. If you’re struggling to understand your work visa options, don’t spend another second worrying about it—we have you covered!…

B-1 FAQsH-1B FAQs for Startups

Visa Waiver Program FAQs

The Visa Waiver Program and ESTA takes far less planning than applying for a visa, but is it the right fit for you? Let’s dive into the details to find out!

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