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The H-1B Visa

A work visa for speciality employees

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What is the H-1B?

The H-1B is a temporary work visa for employees in a specialized field.  This six-year visa is primarily granted to people working in STEM fields or with special technical backgrounds but many other professions also qualify. Candidates must have a college degree (or many years of experience) related to their field of work and the employer must pay a prevailing wage.

Who Qualifies for the H-1B

A wide range of specialty occupations qualify for the H-1B, including:

  • Software Developers
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants

Benefits of the H-1B

  • The H-1B is a "dual intent visa," meaning there is a path to apply for a green card.
  • The H-1B has a six-year validity period.
  • H-1B (spouse and children) dependents can live with you in the U.S. with H-4 status.

Important Dates

March 1, 2023: H-1B registration period opens at 12:00 pm Eastern

March 17, 2023: H-1B registration period closes at 12:00 pm Eastern

March 18-31, 2023: USCIS notifies selected registrants

April 1, 2023: H-1B cap-subject petitions may be filed

October 1, 2023: Start date for H-1B lottery recipients

On-Demand Webinar | How to Prepare for the H-1B Lottery

Get a breakdown of the H-1B lottery process, how to sponsor an employee, and how to get started.

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H-1B lottery and transfers are simple with Legalpad

Enter a candidate in the H-1B lottery cap or transfer a candidate's H-1B from a previous employer with ease.

H-1B Lottery

Plan ahead for that perfect hire.

85,000 new H-1Bs are issued every year through the H-1B lottery. We guide you through the H-1B lottery process, and if your candidate is selected, we care take of the paperwork and complexities of the application.

H-1B Transfer

Get your new hire started right away.

So you found a candidate, but they need to transfer their H-1B visa from their former employer to the new employer. No problem! We handle all of the paperwork so you can focus on your onboarding plan.

5-Step Process

Step 1


We make sure the position and candidate qualify for the H-1B

Step 2


We collect all the details we need for the H-1B petition in one go

Step 3


We review the petition together with the labor condition application

Step 4


We give you the compliance docs to keep for your records

Step 5


You sign the final version of the petition and we ship it to USCIS

Client Testimonials

Stewart Fortier

"Legalpad has taken the dreaded H-1B process and made it as simple as posting a new job on a job board."

Stewart Fortier
Avalara Legal"Preparing the H-1B petition is remarkably easy with Legalpad. The Legalpad team provides a wealth of knowledge about immigration in the workplace and simplifies a complex process for our legal and HR teams using a tech-driven approach." Avalara Legal Team
Chris Pitchford"Legalpad is the only immigration service that 'gets it.' I've personally had two visa petitions approved with Legalpad which have allowed me to create tremendous value in the US. I simply wouldn't trust anyone else to handle my file." Chris Pitchford
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services“My experience with Legalpad was nothing short of amazing and was efficiently executed, the team helped me navigate the H-1B process with great knowledge of the process and responded quickly to my questions with the right guidance. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for legal services in the US. I am beyond grateful because they have a team of exceptional people working there and understand their clients needs very well. Keep doing what you guys are doing!!” Haider Piracha

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A Complete Guide to the Domestic H-1B Visa Renewal Pilot Program


Interested in the new domestic H-1B visa renewal pilot program? Discover everything your team needs to know about the application process in our article.

12 H-1B Benefits and How to Take Advantage of Them

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One well-known U.S. work visa is the H-1B. We cover it in detail in two other blogs: H-1B Visa vs O-1 Visa: Which One Is Better? and Know How Company H-1B Visa Sponsorship Works. This visa is highly coveted because there are clear advantages to having an H-1B visa.

10 Things to Know About H-1B Visa Sponsorship: A Guide for U.S. Companies

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At a time in our history where companies are operating within a greater global footprint - and a worldwide pandemic has ushered in a “great resignation” unlike any we’ve experienced - companies throughout the U.S. are becoming increasingly interested in H-1B visa sponsorship.

H-1B Visa vs O-1 Visa: Which One Is Better?

Compare U.S. work visas

When it comes to navigating the U.S. immigration landscape and finding the right work visa that fits your needs - it can be hard to know where to begin. Immigration is a complex, legal process where case approvals are essentially based on one’s ability to meet or exceed necessary parameters, requirements and credentials.

Starting Your Own Business While on an H-1B Visa

U.S. immigration basics

Yes, you can launch a startup on an H-1B visa. However, if your H-1B is sponsored by another company, there is a limit to what you can do for your new startup while working at a different employer.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Work Visa Approved?

U.S. immigration basics

There are two times during the U.S. visa process when you can receive an approval. How long does it take to reach the final step of the visa process? Well, that depends.

H-1B FAQs: Change of Status vs Consular Processing

Compare U.S. work visas

If you are outside the U.S., your only H-1B processing option is Consular. But if you are inside the U.S., you’ll need to choose between Change of Status and Consular.

H-1B Regular Cap vs Master’s Cap

Compare U.S. work visas

You've probably heard of the H-1B visa. But do you understand how the H-1B master's cap works compared to the regular cap?

Can I Travel While My H-1B is Pending?

U.S. immigration basics

Traveling with a pending H-1B visa is generally possible but not the best choice for everyone. Make sure you know the implications of international travel on your H-1B petition before you leave the country. 

Overview Of “Administrative Processing” And How To Avoid It

U.S. immigration basics

To avoid administrative delays, it's best to sufficiently demonstrate that you meet the requirements for your visa classification. We'll show you how!

What are H-1B Specialty Occupations?

U.S. immigration basics

Proving your employment eligibility is critical to your H-1B work visa application’s success, but navigating these waters doesn’t have to be complicated. We invite you to use this list to ensure that your H-1B work visa application meets all the necessary requirements and moves through the review process with ease.

What is the Relationship Between Non-Profit Organizations and the H-1B Work Visa?

U.S. immigration basics

Many benefits await foreign workers who secure an H-1B work visa and can now live and work in the U.S.  While the H-1B work visa is the most competitive non-immigrant work visa (because the U.S. government caps new H-1B visas at 65,000 annually), there is a way around the cap number. Meaning; this could be the path you take if it is right for your circumstance.

How To Set Up a U.S. Work Visa Program for Your Remote Employees

Hiring international talent

Establishing  an immigration program for your company can feel like a daunting process. In this article, we'll walk through the process and benefits.

Detailed Guide On How To Change Visa Status From O-1 To H-1B

Compare U.S. work visas

Navigating the U.S. Immigration landscape can be difficult, especially knowing how to compare the different benefits associated with a wide variety of visa types. Even if you’ve done the work to understand and pursue the right visa for your immigration case, it’s not unusual to find yourself in a position where you need to change your visa status.

Startup Spotlight:
Access to International Talent Fuels Startup Growth

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By harnessing technology, Voatz co-founder Nimit Sawhney and the Voatz team extend secure voter access to military personal, disabled citizens, U.S. citizens living overseas, and those who have historically faced challenges in voting due to logistical support difficulties.

Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month with Legalpad

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June is Immigrant Heritage Month, a time to embrace diversity and immigrants’ shared American heritage. To celebrate the 8th annual Immigrant Heritage month, we’re highlighting Legalpad’s biggest asset—its people.

Simplifying Immigration: Employment-Based Immigration Under The Biden-Harris Administration

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Legalpad Corporate Council Nhu-Y Le breaks down what a Biden-Harris Administration could look like for employment-based immigration.

Expected Immigration Policy Changes Under Biden-Harris

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Over the weekend, media outlets announced Joe Biden as winner of the 2020 presidential election. Legalpad is here to help unpack what this means for employment-based immigration

Data Report: Software Engineers On H-1B

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By a wide margin, the top occupation of H-1B holders work in the software engineering field, holding titles like software developer, programmer, QA analysts, etc. Take a look at where they work, their salaries, and specializations.

USCIS Proposes Replacing H-1B Lottery With Wage-Based Selection

U.S. immigration basics

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed a restructuring of the H-1B lottery process, replacing the random lottery system with a wage-based selection process.

Paths For Students After Graduation

Immigration for international students

If your graduation is coming up, or you just want to be prepared for when the time comes, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll transfer from your F-1 visa when you enter the workforce. Here are some options.

Dept Of Labor Raises H-1B Wage Requirements

U.S. immigration basics

The Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a new rule designed to make it much more expensive to employ certain categories of foreign workers.

Your First Interviews And H-1B Sponsorship

Compare U.S. work visas

The process of finding a company that will sponsor your H-1B can be difficult. This article walks you through the best practices for your search, and how to nail your interview. Good luck out there!

All The Data You Ever Wanted On The H-1B

U.S. immigration basics

Whether you’re on an active H-1B, renewing, or considering applying, here are some stat's on America's most popular visa.

Likely Increase In Wage Requirements For H-1B, E-3, H-1B1, and PERM

Startup resources

The Department of Labor (DOL) sent a rule that will increase H-1B, E-3, H-1B1, and PERM wage requirements to the Office of Management and Budget for review.

Sara Itucas Talks H-1B Visa Layoffs, Visa Stimulus Benefits [Video]

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Legalpad co-founder and COO, Sara Itucas, talks with Stilt founder and CEO, Rohit Mittal, about H-1B visa layoffs, visa stimulus benefits, and more.

[Video] Legalpad Cofounder Sara Itucas Talks Visa Extension Rules on H-1B, F-1, OPT, H-4

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Legalpad co-founder and COO Sara Itucas talks with Stilt CEO Rohit Mittal about updates to visa extension rules.

Starting Your Own Business While On An H-1B

U.S. immigration basics

Are you currently an employee in H-1B status and interested in venturing out to start your own company? We’re here to help you get started!

USCIS Announces Second H-1B Lottery

U.S. immigration basics

USCIS will issue a second H-1B CAP lottery after not receive enough filings by June 20, 2020 to meet the annual 85,000 quota. Details are still to be release on how many additional H-1B registrations will be selected.

Seeking An Emergency Appointment At Your Consulate? Here Are Some Options

Startup resources

United States Consulates have been closed globally for several months now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, throwing a wet blanket over the ultimate goal of actually obtaining your visa stamp.

Furloughing H-1B workers

U.S. immigration basics

As a result of economic conditions caused by COVID-19, many startups and employers are having to make the difficult decision of whether they need to furlough H-1B workers.

Documents Checklist for H-1B Sponsors

U.S. immigration basics

An H-1B petition includes an approved Labor Condition Application, immigration forms, supporting documents about the sponsoring company, and supporting documents about the candidate.

Common Work Visa Misconceptions

U.S. immigration basics

COO and Co-founder of Legalpad, Sara Itucas, weighs in on some of the most common work visa misconceptions.

H-1B FAQs for Startups

Compare U.S. work visas

You’re an insanely busy startup founder, not a work visa master. If you’re struggling to understand your work visa options, don’t spend another second worrying about it—we have you covered!