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Visa Support for Employers

Looking for a visa for one of your employees, or a new hire? Legalpad’s team of immigration experts will help you select the best visa option for your team members, and we’ll handle all of the details—from completing the immigration forms and compiling evidence, to mailing the application to the government.

Visa Support for Immigrants

Looking for a visa for yourself? We work with business owners, startup founders, researchers, specialized workers, students transitioning off OPT, and other immigrants. We will partner with you and your employer to choose the perfect visa and build a strong application.

Approved U.S. work visa and passport

Choose Your Work Visa

The O-1 Visa

A popular visa for its flexible criteria and unlimited extensions

The L-1A Visa

Managers and executives of multinational companies can transfer to a U.S. office

The L-1B Visa

Key employees of multinational companies can transfer to a U.S. office

The H-1B Visa

Professionals with an advanced degree can qualify to work in their area of speciality

The TN Visa

Canadian and Mexican citizens in certain occupations qualify

The E-3 Visa

Australian professionals with an advanced degree can qualify to work in their area of speciality

The E-2 Visa

Invest in a U.S. company and get work authorization for that company

The B-1 Visa

Attend business meetings, negotiate contracts, attend conferences and trainings on a visitor visa

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David Lin
"If you are reading this and you are a skeptical immigrant founder in need of a visa, look no further. You have found the answer. I was a young college drop out with no hopes of staying in the US, then Legalpad literally reached out to ME and got me an O-1 visa in a few months. They are life-savers in more ways than one. Their efficiency is astounding and their ability to navigate bureaucratic processes with ease and confidence is remarkable. Ryan and the team made me believe that this was possible, and then made it happen. The long life I plan to build here in America will be thanks to their hard work." David Lin
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services
"Legalpad has made my immigration journey incredibly easy and stress-free. Moving your business to the United States is challenging and it can be especially overwhelming when you have to figure out how the immigration process works from scratch. Legalpad has all the qualities of an agile and modern startup and the expertise and talent of a large firm. I had my O-1 and later my EB-2 visas approved with no issues and Legalpad did all the heavy lifting. Highly recommended." Sofia Quintero
EnjoyHQ (Acquired by UserZoom)
Arun Seelam
"Before I went to Legalpad, I went to several attorneys. I wasn't happy or confident with anyone I talked to. When I talked to Logan, I knew Legalpad was the company I wanted to work with. They were dedicated throughout the whole process and the entire team gave me confidence that made the experience less stressful. They took a challenging situation and made it easy." Arun Seelam
Boson Motors
Edward Wong
"Thank you Legalpad for helping me and my cofounder, Silvia, through the complex immigration process during the pandemic and border restrictions! We live in a world full of freedom and endless opportunities, the only constraints are the ones we put on ourselves. And choice is the most powerful tool we have. Choosing Legalpad is the best decision ever! We got our O-1 visas and I will be starting my green card process soon. I’d totally recommend Legalpad to any entrepreneurs who want to build a company and life in the US." Edward Wong
Grit Holdings
Sasha Miagkyi
"My experience with Legalpad was both fast and efficient. The entire process end-to-end took less than 3 months. The team was very professional, communicating with me frequently, and showing a very high quality of work. The structure of their services and payments are very transparent and flexible." Sasha Miagkyi
Jason Wu
"The Legalpad team always responds quickly. I could get ahold of the team ASAP whenever I had any issues to discuss with them. Also, the team members are very kind while working on your case. I can tell that they put themselves in your shoes to prepare the best petition." Jason Wu
Basia Kubicka
"Legalpad is the only firm that convinced me I met the O-1 visa criteria. They nailed the whole process and made the impossible possible. Legalpad changed my life by allowing me to build a company and my life in the U.S. No words can express how extremely grateful I am." Basia Kubicka
Nikin Tharan
"Legalpad has an extremely different process than law firms. I have friends working with different firms who receive no communication and lack of support from their legal teams. I've referred one of my friends to work with Legalpad, as I know they will help remove any worry about your immigration status in the United States." Nikin Tharan
Konstantyn Shyshkin
"Legalpad demystifies the O-1! My case was complicated by COVID risks and the turbulence in the immigration space. Despite all that, the team prepared the application quickly and I received approval in 5 days. I thank Ashley, Logan, and the entire for their commitment!" Konstantyn Shyshkin
Spiral Technology

Experienced Legal Support

We get it. Choosing the best work visa is not always easy. That's why we're here—to simplify and demystify business immigration.

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Working With Legalpad

When you work with Legalpad, you have a team of experienced attorneys and immigration experts at your disposal throughout your immigration journey.

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We hop on a call to discuss your work visa options and map out a plan.

Step 2


Hop on a call with your immigration team to get details about your case.

Step 3


Review evidence for your work visa or green card with your immigration team.

Step 4


We share all letters with you and others to sign.

Step 5


We collect all signatures for the final version of the petition.

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