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The E-3 Visa

A temporary work visa for citizens of Australia

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What is the E-3 Visa?

The E-3 visa allows Australian citizens to work for a U.S. employer temporarily. The E-3 is valid for two years, but can be renewed indefinitely.

Unlimited Renewals

Most U.S. visas can only be renewed for a total of five to seven years, but there is no extension limit for E-3 visa holders. The E-3 work visa is initially valid for two years and can be renewed in two year increments indefinitely.

Faster Approvals with Premium Processing

Are you on a strict timeline? Get your E-3 petition approved by the U.S. government in 15 days or less by filing with premium processing.

Less Competitive Than the H-1B

The annual cap for E-3 visas (10,500 new E-3s per year) has never been reached. Candidates who qualify for the E-3 have a significantly higher chance of getting an E-3 as compared to an H-1B.

Who Qualifies for the E-3 Visa

E-3 candidates must be Australian citizens with a U.S. job offer for a speciality occupation role. They must also have a degree (or equivalent experience) related to their speciality occupation.

A wide range of speciality occupations qualify for the E-3 visa, including: 

  • Software Developers
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants

Learn More: E-3 Frequently Asked Questions

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