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10 UAE Golden Visa Benefits

The United Arab Emirates is an increasingly popular destination for international entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals. The UAE's strategic location, lack of personal income tax, and wealth of business opportunities make it an attractive option. Also, Dubai's iconic cultural hub position adds to the country's allure.

The UAE incentives foreign nationals to relocate with the streamlined Golden Visa. The UAE Golden Visa offers numerous benefits, and professionals from various backgrounds qualify.


What is the UAE Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residence visa valid for up to ten years at a time. It allows qualified professionals to live, work, study, and/or travel in the UAE.

Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa

1: Ten years of validity

The UAE Golden Visa can be valid for up to a decade after the first application. The validity period makes the Golden Visa a long-term residency option with significant flexibility.

2: UAE work authorization

The Golden Visa grants foreigners legal work authorization in the UAE. Visa holders can engage in advantageous business opportunities throughout the country, including in Dubai.

3: No employer sponsor required

Unlike most work visas, the UAE Golden Visa does not require a sponsor. Qualified individuals can apply independently without needing a job in the UAE or a sponsoring company.

4: Tax benefits

Golden Visa holders reap significant tax benefits living in the UAE. The UAE has no personal income tax and several other tax benefits for residents.

5: Residency for spouses and children

An approved UAE Golden Visa grants residency for the visa holder and their spouse and children, regardless of age.

6: Sponsorship for domestic helpers

UAE Golden Visa holders can sponsor visas for an unlimited number of domestic helpers like butlers, nannies, drivers, and other household staff.

7: Free Esaad privilege card

In 2022, the UAE started issuing the Esaad privilege card to all Golden Visa holders. Formerly only available to government employees, the cart grants discounts at over 7,000 businesses throughout the UAE and in 92 countries.

8: Access to UAE healthcare

UAE residents and their families get access to the UAE's excellent healthcare system. With the Esaad privilege card, Golden Visa holders are eligible for significant discounts at certain healthcare providers.

9: Easy travel

Golden Visa holders can easily travel in and out of the UAE. The Golden Visa is a multiple-entry visa, allowing holders to reenter several times without applying for a new visa.

10: Opportunity for visa renewal 

After the initial five or ten-year validity period, UAE Golden Visa holders can apply for visa renewal.

Overall, the Golden Visa offers a range of benefits to professionals and their families.

Who qualifies for the UAE Golden Visa?

Foreign nationals from diverse career paths qualify to work or study in the UAE on the Golden Visa. Some individuals who can get a Golden Visa include:

  • Entrepreneurs: With a project worth 500,000 dirhams or more (as valued by a UAE auditor)
  • Specialized Talent: Doctors, scientists, artists, inventors, athletes, Doctoral degree holders, and many others
  • Humanitarian Workers: Certain members, outstanding employees, and funders of humanitarian organizations
  • Frontline Heroes: Nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians, pharmacologists
  • Investors: Real estate investors and public investors
  • Outstanding Students: Both high school students and university students can qualify

Is the UAE Golden Visa Right For You?

The UAE Golden Visa benefits are varied. But whether it's the right immigration path for you? That answer will be different for everyone. As you assess the advantages of relocating to the UAE, consider which immigration service provider will support your application. For individualized immigration support, start the conversation with our team today.

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