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Six Things to Consider When Starting Your Visa Petition

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for Legalpad for all of three weeks, and in that short time I’ve learned a lot about the US immigration process.  Even so, my biggest takeaway is that I will probably never manage to learn it all.  It seems ironic that a country that was built by immigrants and that for centuries has been celebrated as ‘the land of opportunity’ has seemingly gone out of its way to make its immigration process as difficult as it is.  Not only is the process seen as cost prohibitive, it’s also confusing and litigious.  

Legalpad aims to change that narrative.  This company was founded with the intention of taking the confusion, anonymity, and stress out of the visa petition process.  Our staff attorneys and legal assistants work tirelessly to ensure that the best possible petitions are submitted.  For us, it’s personal.  Many of our staff have immigrant stories of their own, so we know how important it is to do the best possible job each and every time.  

By the time you’ve made it to us, you’ve already made the huge decision that it’s time to think about immigration. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re probably a little overwhelmed right now.  That’s why, in the interest of making this whole process even easier, I’ve asked six of our experts what would be the one thing they wish our clients knew before starting this process.  Here’s who they are, and what they said: 

    Katya – Legalpad Network Attorney

‘Clients shouldn’t worry too much and trust experienced immigration professionals. There has been lots of anxiety and rumors around the immigration topic lately. Don't trust rumors, but talk to people who work in the field and monitor the most recent developments. Immigration attorneys have an ethical duty to provide proper legal advice and serve the client's best interests. We can discuss your personal and business goals and come up with the best customized immigration strategy for your particular situation.’


         Jess – Legalpad Staff Attorney 

‘Plan to treat the collaboration required for visa petition preparation as you would a job. We can only do our jobs well if the client does their job in the process well. It’s a collaborative process.’


    Akansha – Legalpad Legal Assistant

‘Sometimes the government can be fickle. You could be the most accomplished person on your team, and your visa might be the one to get an RFE. That's not the end of the world, and that does not discount or invalidate your accomplishments.

Come into the process with all the information on hand when filling out the intakes! It's a long process but every detail matters. Have a good idea of who you want as a signatory, or who you want writing/signing testimonial letters for you. Reach out to them early.’


      Annie – Legalpad Legal Assistant

‘If you're pursuing an O-1 visa, there are things you can do to increase your qualifications before or as you begin your visa process. For example, you can reach out to organizers of an event you participated in and ask if you can judge an upcoming event.’


         Ryan – Legalpad Staff Attorney

“We are committed to doing our absolute best work at Legalpad.  We have the specialized experience to help clients working in emerging industries successfully navigate the complex legal terrain and realize their immigration goals.”


     Ashley – Legalpad Legal Assistant

‘I would want clients to know that we truly care about the outcome as much as they do and nothing makes us happier than seeing an approval!’

It seems like there’s one similar thread through all of their suggestions: we are here to help, and we need your assistance to do so.  Legalpad exists solely to do the heavy lifting of your visa petition process, and we rely on you to help us find and compile the information we need to petition on your behalf.  From your very first call through to your approval, Legalpad is your loyal ally and advocate.  We celebrate every approval company-wide, and we look forward to watching you change the world. 

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