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You’re Approved: A series celebrating those seeking opportunity around the world.


At Legalpad, we live for two words: “You’re approved.”

Those words kick off the thrill of getting a visa approval notice. And, approval notices never get old: Each visa approval represents a new chapter in a customer’s life.

We’re thrilled to be a part of each visa approval, because each approval embodies the value of brilliant people seeking opportunity around the world. A tiny sample from our most recent 100 visa approvals gives a little glimpse into the thrill:

  • Ari Nejadmalayeri is an engineer and scientist from Iran, whose company Wellian helps doctors save time and patients get better care.
  • Basia Kubicka is an engineer from Poland, whose company SliceUp predicts future failures in IT infrastructure and instantly directs to the root cause of the problem.
  • Sujay Suresh Kumar is an electrical and robotics engineer from India, whose company Lilu builds tech-enabled products to empower new moms.
  • Cal Wilkes is an engineer from Canada, whose company HotSpot provides a flat-top grill that is redefining what it means to cook meals.

Each visa approval represents human potential overcoming the hurdles that work visas can represent. A few examples give tiny insights into the power in each approval:

  • Sanjay Verma is CEO of LrnEd, which he runs with his son Romil, who is in the US. Sanjay’s O-1 visa let the whole family be together in the US to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, and we’re now working with Romil to get an O-1 visa this year.
  • Preet Singh is the founder of LiveFurnish and reached out to us when his B visa was expiring in two weeks. We filed a change of status to O-1 to keep Preet in the US, and got an approval within 10 days.
  • Palash Soni and Kishore Kothandaraman founded Goldcast at Harvard Business School. Facing $50,000 each in HBS tuition, they considered moving to Canada. They instead got their visas approved and are now focused on building Goldcast in the US.

After overcoming these hurdles, our customers thank us for their approval, but we know that in truth our customers’ hard work is what makes their visa approvals possible. 

You see, our customers spend their lives working hard and playing by the rules so that they can seek opportunities in places other than the place they were born.

Hard work includes things like: getting a degree, founding a company, raising venture capital, grinding through an internship, spending countless hours in the lab, time away from friends and family, ingenious focus on hard problems, pulling all-nighters to make deadlines, waiting for months and years for a government’s decision, scraping to get by on a tiny salary, facing rejection after rejection, and even just overcoming the worries that they’ll never get approved.

So even though we painstakingly put together phonebook-sized applications that tell the government about our customers’ incredible accomplishments, we honor the truth that our customers are the ones who do the real hard work.

With all this in mind, I am honored to help kick off the series You’re Approved: A series celebrating the hard work, sacrifice and dedication we see day in and day out from our customers. We hope that with this series, the two simple words “You’re approved,” will take on an entirely new meaning in the world of work visas.

Winter 2021

Fall 2020

About the author:

Todd Heine

CEO, Legalpad