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Simplifying Immigration | New Development on Increased H1B Requirements

3-minute summary of this week's immigration highlights!

Update 1

A Federal judge invalidated regulations that increased H-1B requirements 

Update 2

A Federal judge bars enforcement of the public charge rule in several states.

The government wants to expand the definition of people who qualify as a "public charge," meaning someone who relies on public assistance. Those who are considered a public charge experience more difficulty getting a green card or status in the US. The public charge rule has been g0ing back and forth for months. Expect more updates soon!

Update 3

New DACA applications and DACA-related advance parole application will be accepted.

DACA protects eligible people who came to the US as children from deportation and provides them work authorization. You may know them as Dreamers. Under the new ruling, the Department of Homeland Security must accept first-time, renewal, and advance parole requests. Work authorization has been extended from one to two years.


About the author:

Allison Davy

Vice President Marketing, Legalpad

Allison helps startup founders from around the world navigate the complex U.S. immigration system so they can pursue their goals and purpose.