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Legalpad staff attorney tips for drafting your O-1 Visa petition

Legalpad Staff Attorney Tips On Drafting The Best O-1 Petition


Legalpad’s staff attorneys have one goal: drafting the best possible petition for your visa or green card. Their expertise in doing so is what has helped us maintain a 98% approval rate for hundreds of clients.

For the O-1 visa petition, there are several things to keep in mind when drafting a petition. Here is what our attorneys had to say.

On Using Your Personal Network To Your Advantage

“Don’t underestimate the power of your network, customer-relationships, and overall friendships within your field's community. For example, customers are in the best position to discuss the positive real-world impact of your product or service, and fellow community members in your field are sometimes the only people who know first-hand how any given accomplishment -- regardless of what it looks like on paper -- is a coveted event that directly reflects individual excellence in your specific field.”

Asif Saleem, Staff Attorney


On Drafting Your Letters Of Recommendation

“Many clients initially worry that drafting the third party and petitioner letters for their petition is somehow on their plate. We happily inform them that, at Legalpad, our job is to quickly and adeptly draft these letters on their behalf. After drafting hundreds of petitions, we know exactly what USCIS is looking for and highlight our clients' individualized strengths accordingly. Clients are relieved knowing that Legalpad takes ownership of 90% of the daunting drafting process. The remaining 10% lies with our clients, who we rely on to be responsive and attentive in controlling the final edit and review of our prepared statements. Together, we assist clients expend the least amount of required effect to reap maximum results.”

Kim McGurn, Staff Attorney


On Choosing The Right Verifiers

"Don't underestimate the importance of whom you choose to be a verifier. This individual must be willing to support your visa application by signing a pre-drafted statement from your Legalpad team. We are always willing to work with verifiers, but we ask that they are responsive and open minded when it comes to highlighting your background."

Indu Malhi, Staff Attorney


On The Quality Of Your Background

“A lot of clients don't fully realize how much overlap their backgrounds often have with what we'd seek to illustrate about their career history as a professional. This is precisely what we have mastered at Legalpad: convincingly connecting these dots to demonstrate that our clients qualify for the visa they seek to enable their extraordinary continuing work."

Ryan Wiles, Staff Attorney


On Being Organized From The Start

"One of the biggest misconceptions about the petition drafting process is the importance of drafting a petition as a story. As a story, it reads in a particular way. We have to be able to connect all the dots and tell a cohesive narrative about you and your accomplishments. It's very difficult, once started, to add or remove something because it alters the whole story. Thus, being organized with all the information from the start makes for the smoothest drafting process.."

Ashley Walker, Staff Attorney


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