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Legalpad Prioritizes Wellness With First Activity Day To Promote Wellbeing

At Legalpad, we recognize that wellness comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need more than just down time for yourself. That's why we support Activity Days. When the weather alone can bring you down, we encourage you to get up and get active.

This month, Legalpadders got up and got active! On June 3rd, 4th, and 5th we took part in our first ever Activity Day(s), promoting a free, physical activity of choice. Legalpad covered the rental costs, registration fees, and even food and drinks post-exercise (if your activity was free). All we asked was for each participant to share a photo pre, during, or after.

Here are the happy active Legalpadders in action and what they had to say:

Kelsie, Immigration Specialist II

"I am doing a quick pop in from vacation to share our activity today! We drove the Amalfi Coast and then explored Pompei Archaelogical Park today. I've gotten 20,000 steps in so far! ... Hope everyone has had a great week and an even better weekend!☺️"


Jodine, Customer Success

"Yeah activity days are great. We’ve just started getting back into things as well. Did our first half marathon for the year, 29th May and our next one is coming up in June."


Haakob, Director of Engineering

"Saturday vibes from Dilijan 😅"


Benjamin, Immigration Specialist

"We hit the bay for some kayaking / stand up paddle boarding yesterday - it's been sooooo nice here in San Diego after a very gray May."


Carlie, Immigration Specialist I

"I spent the weekend bee keeping with my best friend's mom up near Fox Lake, Wisconsin. The weather wasn't nice enough for lake time, but we tended to the bees instead!"


Jeet, Marketing Specialist

"Played some spikeball while the sun was out for a bit!"


David, Senior Business Operations Specialist

"Hiking around Deception Pass."


Barbi Jo, Director of Finance

"Rappelled a slot canyon near Zion National Park."


Jess, Customer Lifecycle Marketing Specialist

"Went for a walk to celebrate the first weekend of Pride 🌈 in the rain🌧."


Erin, Growth Marketer

"Got some moody skies on an evening paddle with new friends."


Josh, Account Executive and Annie, Content Marketer

"Walked along Alki beach and saw a seal. 🚶‍♂️🦭" 


Patrick, Operations Specialist and Kari, Client Services Coordinator

"Kari and I went roller-skating a for our wellness day!🛼"


June, Legalpupper and her proud Legalpadder, Rosa (not pictured)

"I ran a 5k with Rosa in the rain!"

June isn't the only cheerleader at Legalpad. We have a #pets Slack channel featuring all of Legalpad's dedicated pets who bring us joy everyday. Next up, #paintyourpet. Stay tuned!🎨🐶🐱🖌

Looking for fun and healthy ways to promote wellness? Check out Kona's Remote Manager Report 2022 for unique "Team Building Ideas" and more awesome insights into ways you can promote "trust", teamwork, and a "virtual safe space."

If you would like to share what you and your startup are doing to make a social impact on wellness, we'd love to hear from you!

About the author:

Jessica LeDoux

Customer Lifecycle Marketing Specialist

Jess helps international startups and their teams navigate the work visa process so they can get approved fast and focus on what they do best!