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Legalpad invites Paint The Town to host Virtual Paint Party!

At Legalpad, we recognize the importance of remote team bonding and creating a virtual safe space. As a fun and healthy way to celebrate, we support virtual parties, especially paint parties!

On Tuesday, June 23rd we invited Isabella, an art instructor from Paint the Town to guide us through a unique virtual painting experience. Paint The Town provided the painting supplies and Legalpad covered the costs plus food and drinks.

Check out our #PaintYourPet paintings from the event below and follow PaintTheTown.Events for more art therapy.















Bun Bun






Looking for fun and healthy ways to bond with your team? Try Paint The Town, Drawasaurus, create a #paintyourpet Slack channel, order food from PizzaTime, and/or invite an expert to teach a cooking, tea blending. origami, or candle making class.

Check out page 22 of Kona's Remote Manager Report 2022 for unique "Team Building Ideas" and more awesome insights into ways you can promote "trust", teamwork, and a "virtual safe space."

If you would like to share your positive team building experiences, we'd love to hear from you!

About the author:

Jessica LeDoux

Customer Lifecycle Marketing Specialist

Jess helps international startups and their teams navigate the work visa process so they can get approved fast and focus on what they do best!