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Register Your Business In The U.S.

We’ve partnered with Middesk to make it easier for startups to register their business in the U.S. in a few simple steps.

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Registration is a critical step in applying for a work visa


In addition to being incorporated, some U.S. states and cities require a separate, state-specific business license.

Your company will need to be registered in the United States and provide evidence of registration in the state you intend to do business (ex. California Business License).


Middesk Agent can help!


Middesk and Legalpad have teamed up to offer customers a 20% discount on the first year of state registration services.

Submit your business information and Middesk Agent handles the registrations and keeps you in compliance. It's that simple!



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Legalpad customers receive 20% off their first year of state registration services with Middesk.

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