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Legalpad hosts office hours for Techstars founders who need U.S. immigration support. Whether you’re looking to start your visa process, obtain a green card, or just trying to understand your options, Legalpad can help!

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As an international student or alumni, you have more options than you might think. Interstride is partnering with Legalpad to offer free work visa consultations. 

Legalpad is committed to providing the international community with clear and valuable U.S. work visa and immigration information. Every session includes actionable information to help you achieve your goals. Register for upcoming sessions now!

If your graduation is coming up, or you just want to be prepared for when the time comes, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll transfer from your F-1 visa when you enter the workforce. Here are some options.

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Looking for helpful work visa or permanent residency resources? Here are some options.

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