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F-1 Student FAQ – Fall 2020


Whether your university is fully remote, or you’re taking classes on campus, or a mix of both, the good news is that if you were on a valid F-1 as of March 9, 2020, you’re unaffected by the recent government orders.

If you’re outside the US with a valid F-1 status, you can also obtain your F-1 visa and enter the US. Be sure to check if your consulate is open.

Students working on Optional Practical Training (OPT) and STEM extensions are also not impacted by any government orders.

Unfortunately, if you’re not on an F-1 at the moment, and the university you’re planning to attend is 100% online, you won't be able to apply for an F-1 visa until next year.

Some students may consider finding another school holding in-person classes. But with the time and cost of going through all that, many students are opting to start school in Spring semester instead.

Almost all universities in the U.S. allow you to defer to Spring semester, so your standing at the school will most likely not be impacted at all. Check with your university and make sure they’re aware of your status.

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