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We make sure the position and candidate qualify for the H-1B

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You sign the final version of the petition and we ship it to USCIS

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| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services

"Legalpad has taken the dreaded H-1B process and made it as simple as posting a new job on a job board."

Stewart Fortier
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Preparing the H-1B petition is remarkably easy with Legalpad. The Legalpad team provides a wealth of knowledge about immigration in the workplace and simplifies a complex process for our legal and HR teams using a tech-driven approach." Avalara Legal Team
| Legalpad | US Work Visa and Immigration Services"Legalpad is the only immigration service that 'gets it.' I've personally had two visa petitions approved with Legalpad which have allowed me to create tremendous value in the US. I simply wouldn't trust anyone else to handle my file." Chris Pitchford

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H1B Resources


International Entrepreneur Parole
vs. O-1 Visa

The International Entrepreneur Parole Rule (IEP) is here to stay! IEP is another pathway for entrepreneurs to build U.S. companies, but is it right for you? Learn about the key differences between IEP and the O-1.


Founder Spotlight: A Plan Written in the Stars: Brazilian Astrology Jewelry Creator Finds a Path Forward in the U.S.

When Daniela Vianna, co-founder of Ephemeris Co., found herself stuck in the United States following the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, Daniela needed a new plan. The various U.S. immigration options for entrepreneurs like Daniela are often unclear so she had to get creative—and persistent. Daniela spoke to numerous immigration attorneys but was left with few options, until she discovered Legalpad.


Techstars Founder Secures O-1 Visa to Build Emotional Intelligence Platform

Securing a work visa was critical for Sid Pandiya as a graduating senior at UCLA. Many of Sid’s friends were considering the H-1B path, but Sid wanted to find a work visa that would allow him to live and work in the U.S. and grow his startup, Kona, an emotional intelligence platform.


Post-Accelerator To-Do List for International Founders

Congratulations on graduating from an accelerator program! That’s a huge accomplishment.


Simplifying Immigration | USCIS extends deadline to respond to RFEs

3-minute summary of the US immigration highlights the week of December 23, 2020. USCIS extends deadlines for responding to agency requests. Delays in receipt notices at lockbox facilities. Non-essential travel between U.S. land border restrictions extended through January 21, 2021.


Simplifying Immigration | Rule to Increase Restrictions to the H-1B Program Will Not Take Effect. 

3-minute summary of immigration news. Federal agencies have released immigration priorities and Trump once again attempts to restrict immigration. The rule to increase the wage requirements for H-1B workers will not go into effect. Temporary Protected Status has been extended for El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Nepal and Honduras.


Simplifying Immigration | New Development on Increased H1B Requirements

3-minute video summary of immigration news. A federal judge invalidated regulations that increased H-1B wage requirements, public charge rule barred in several states, and new DACA applications will be accepted.


Founder Spotlight:
Vicki Guan | Co-Founder of Evri

We recently got to spend some time talking with Vicki Guan, co-founder of Evri. She’s one of our innovative and inspiring customers who has drawn on her life experiences as she’s created a market-altering product. Even in the midst of so many unforeseen impacts of COVID-19, Vicki and her team are working tirelessly to adapt to our changing world.


Simplifying Immigration | Proposed H-1B Restrictions Struck Down by a U.S. District Court

This week in immigration updates include flexibility for remote I-9 document inspection, lifting the 14-day US entry ban for certain countries, December visa bulletin updates, and the extension of land border restrictions between the U.S. and Canada and the U.S. and Mexico.


Simplifying Immigration | The Naturalization Test Just Got Harder and More

Legalpad Corporate Counsel, Y Le, breaks down this week's immigration updates. The DOS announced phased re-opening of visa services, the naturalization test just got harder, and DHS Secretary, Chad Wolf, was found to be unlawfully appointed.


Simplifying Immigration: Employment-Based Immigration Under The Biden-Harris Administration

Legalpad Corporate Council Nhu-Y Le breaks down what a Biden-Harris Administration could look like for employment-based immigration.


Legalpad Staff Attorney Tips On Drafting The Best O-1 Petition

For the O-1 visa petition, there are several things to keep in mind when drafting a petition. Here are some tips from our staff attorney team.