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Legalpad Launch for Accelerators

Founder-focused immigration resources

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When you partner with Legalpad, you provide scarce immigration resources international startups and founders need to grow their team in the US

Good for you

Expand your platform

Enable international teams to grow in the US by providing immigration and work visa support.

Mobilize international startups

Legalpad helps accelerators establish a process to easily bring international founders to the US to participate in US-based programs.

Save time

Legalpad helps accelerators establish efficient processes and creates templates for quick and easy visa applications.

Great for your founders

Office hours & info sessions

Our team is available to help founders understand their options and map out a plan.

Founder-specific visa resources

Custom templates, videos, checklists, and other difficult-to-find work visas resources specifically designed with the startup founder in mind.

Discounted & Expedited services

Founders receive exclusive discounts on work visa fees and faster turnaround times. We use custom-templates to be more efficient.

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After the initial call, our team will establish a designated point of contact and collect basic information about the accelerator program.

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