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The O1 vs TN Visa

The O-1 and TN are both temporary U.S. work visas. Professionals worldwide can apply for the O-1 visa, whereas the TN visa is only open to NAFTA professionals from Canada and Mexico. Which is best for you?



Overview of the O-1 vs. TN Nonimmigrant Visas

The O-1 and TN are very different work visas. What they have in common is that both provide temporary work authorization for a U.S. company. Once you start work at a U.S. company, you won't notice any differences between being on TN vs O-1.

The O-1A Visa for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability

The O-1 is a work visa for individuals with "extraordinary ability" in their field. Although this language can be intimidating, many startup founders, engineers, researchers, artists, and executives qualify

Advantages of the O-1 Visa:

  • No degree or wage requirement 
  • Flexible criteria
  • Ability to get work authorization very quickly with 15-day premium processing for O-1 visas
  • U.S. work authorization for three years, with indefinite extensions
  • A strong likelihood that your future extension will be approved because of USCIS' deference policy to prior approvals
  • Ability to work for two companies simultaneously on two different O-1 visas

Downsides to the O-1 Visa:

  • O-1 visa petitions often require a substantial amount of documentation (think hundreds of pages)
  • The O-1's dependent visa does not provide work authorization for spouses
  • Although it is easy to renew the O-1 visa, you still have to pay government filing fees and attorney service fees every three years, which can add up
  • Each O-1 visa is connected to a specific employer. If you decide to leave your employer, you will have to file for a new visa

The TN Visa for NAFTA Professionals

The TN work visa is available to Canadian and Mexican citizens in specific roles

The Advantages of the TN Visa:

  • It is not difficult to qualify for a TN visa, as long as you work in a specific role and meet the qualifications
  • Canadians can apply for a TN directly at the U.S. border, and Mexican citizens can apply at a U.S. embassy or consulate
  • If you choose to apply via mail, you can apply with 15-day premium processing 
  • TN visas are valid for up to three years initially and can be renewed indefinitely
  • Spouses of TN visa holders receive U.S. work authorization

Downsides to the TN Visa:

  • Only individuals working in certain roles qualify. For example, there isn't a TN role that aligns well with the duties of a CEO.
  • The TN is only available to citizens of Canada and Mexico.

O-1 vs TN: Which is right for me? 

The O-1 and TN are both favorable visa options. For many Canadian and Mexican professionals, the TN is the most obvious choice. However, the O-1 should not be overlooked, particularly for individuals whose role does not fit into one of the TN professional categories.

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