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Policy Updates

USCIS Averts Furlough of Nearly 70% of Workforce

Great news! The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced it will avert a furlough that was scheduled to begin August 31st that would cut nearly 70% of its workforce.

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[Video] Legalpad Cofounder Sara Itucas Talks Visa Extension Rules on H-1B, F-1, OPT, H-4

Legalpad co-founder and COO Sara Itucas talks with Stilt CEO Rohit Mittal about updates to visa extension rules.

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Starting Your Own Business While On An H-1B

Are you currently an employee in H-1B status and interested in venturing out to start your own company? We’re here to help you get started!


Change of Status Approval Checklist (Canadian Citizens)

A “change of status” approval means your status will automatically change. There's no further action required to activate the status. Please follow the checklist below for next steps.


O-1 Status: Extension, Amendment, and Change of Employer

After you’ve been granted classification as an O-1 “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”, here are four things to keep in mind to maintain your O-1 status.

Policy Updates

USCIS Announces Second H-1B Lottery

USCIS will issue a second H-1B CAP lottery after not receive enough filings by June 20, 2020 to meet the annual 85,000 quota. Details are still to be release on how many additional H-1B registrations will be selected.


[Video] Sara Itucas Talks Visa Ban Updates With Stilt Inc

Legalpad co-founder and COO, Sara Itucas, talks with Stilt founder and CEO, Rohit Mittal, about recent visa restrictions and what can be done by those applying or looking to apply for visas in the coming months.


How To Get A U.S. Green Card

A detailed guide to obtaining an employment-based green card from start to finish.


The EB-1 vs EB-2 Explained

The key differences between the EB-1 and EB-2 and how to get on you on the path to obtaining a U.S. green card.

Policy Updates

USCIS Filing Fee Increases & Changes To Premium Processing

The USCIS has announced an increase in its filing fees, set to take effect on October 2, 2020. The adjustments come as part efforts to increase revenue due to a budgetary crisis. 


What is “Original Contribution” for the O-1A?

The O-1A is a U.S. work-authorized status for people with extraordinary ability in sciences, education, business, or athletics.


Executive Order Ends Hong Kong Preferential Visa Policies

President Trump has signed an executive order on July 14 to end preferential immigration treatment for people born in Hong Kong.